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love yoga 200hr
yoga lifestyle and teacher

For us, Yoga is a fulfilling and dynamic lifelong relationship with self and others. For our lifestyle and teacher training we bring you two options for practice/training: 
75 hour Live Your Yoga

200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Training 

Our mission is to create an environment of learning and self-inquiry that encourages you to show up confidently in your life with purpose and meaning. In getting to know yourself better, you will develop authentic ways to have a healthy relationship with yoga as a practice for life, and if you choose, to share the teachings of yoga with others. We aim to keep it simple. As a yoga practitioner, our aim is to support you to discover and refine your physical practice but also learn to weave the profound principles of yoga and Ayurveda into your daily existence. 

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200 Hour Course Description


An Ayurvedic lifestyle and/or yoga teacher training that invites you to navigate your human experience – physical, mental and emotional – with skillful awareness and curiosity. 


This training is composed of “Live Your Yoga”, an initial 75 hour/3 weekend training open to yoga enthusiasts that may not necessarily be interested in teaching and the additional “Teach Your Yoga”, 125 hours/7 weekends for those who wish to learn to lead classes. These two together comprise the 200 hour training. Some weekend modules and workshops can be taken by yoga practitioners or teachers who desire continuing education or professional development.


You will experience the following ways of practicing yoga; Vinyasa, Slow Yoga, Bhakti, Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Chair Yoga. We equip you with the tools and knowledge to confidently teach and lead Vinyasa and Yin Yoga classes, while also nurturing a yogic and Ayurvedic lifestyle.

Our curriculum is a holistic, trauma-informed exploration that covers asana practice, anatomy, the rich tapestry of yoga history, ethical foundations, philosophical insights, pranayama techniques, meditation, skillful sequencing, hands-on assisting, and effective teaching methodologies. 

details of our training

“Live Your Yoga”

75 Hour Yoga Lifestyle Training (for Yoga Enthusiasts)



Live Your Yoga: 75 Hour Yoga Lifestyle Training is an inspiring journey for yoga enthusiasts seeking to embrace the transformative essence of yoga in their lives. This training is your passport to a holistic yoga lifestyle, where you'll not only refine your physical practice but also learn to weave the profound principles of yoga and Ayurveda into your daily existence. 


This immersive course spans two months and three full weekends with 3 Zoom follow up calls designed to introduce you to the essence of yoga living.


As a dedicated yoga enthusiast and student of the practice, you'll embark on a remarkable path of self-discovery and conscious living. This module isn't just about mastering yoga postures; it's about embracing yoga as a way of life. Our instructors, with their wealth of knowledge and experience, will illuminate the path to a more mindful, balanced, and harmonious existence.


Throughout this immersive journey, you'll explore the philosophy and ethics that form the bedrock of yoga, gaining a deeper understanding of how these ancient teachings can be seamlessly integrated into modern life. Beyond the physical asanas, you'll discover the profound interconnectedness of yoga's eight limbs, Sutras, Yamas, and Niyamas, and how they shape not just your practice on the mat, but also your interactions and decisions off the mat.


Whether you're new to yoga and seeking a solid foundation or an experienced practitioner desiring a more meaningful connection with your practice, this module is your gateway to a vibrant and conscious yoga lifestyle. Join us on this enlightening journey of self-discovery and transformation, as you uncover the profound wisdom of yoga and learn to live it every day.


Weekends: Friday-Sunday

  • January 5-7 - Yoga Foundations 1

  • January 19-21 - Yoga Foundations 2

  • Feb 23-25 - Ayurveda

    • Zoom Calls between weekends: Wednesdays at 7-8:30pm

      • January 17 - Foundations 1 follow up 

      • February 7 - Foundations 2 follow up 

      • March 6 - Ayurveda follow up

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The remaining 125 hours are a continuation of, and combined with, the 75 hour “Live Your Yoga” Lifestyle Training to complete the entire 200 hour yoga training. 

The full 200hr training offers a comprehensive opportunity for those who are curious about learning how to teach yoga to others. During this section, you will learn 

  • Physical and subtle body anatomy and the functional anatomy of yoga postures and sequencing

  • How to teach vinyasa and yin yoga classes 

  • Yoga of the heart, aka the spiritual side of yoga: mythology, mantra, mudra, and devotional practices 

  • The art and science of offering hands-on assists

  • How to load a basic chair yoga sequence

  • How to lead pranayama (breathwork practices) and meditation 

  • How to lead a trauma-informed yoga class

  • How to lead a well balanced and intelligently sequenced yoga class that balances the physical, mental, and spiritual components of yoga 

  • How to confidently and mindfully hold space for others 


Weekends: Friday-Sunday

  • March 15-17 - Physical and Energetic Anatomy 

  • April 5-7 - Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra

  • April 26-28 - Bhakti: Yoga of the Heart, Mantra, and Mythology

  • May 10-12 - Teacher Methods 1

  • May 31-June 2 - Teacher Methods 2

  • June 7-9 - Graduation Weekend

    • Zoom Calls between weekends: Wednesdays 7:00-8:30pm

      • March 27 - Anatomy follow up 

      • April 17 - Yin follow up

      • May 8 - Bhakti follow up

      • May 22 - Teacher Methods 1 follow up

      • June 5 - Teacher Methods 2 follow up

dates and times

9 weekends + 8 Zoom calls



Friday 5p-8p 

Saturday 8a-5p 

Sunday 8a-4p 

+8 Zoom Wednesdays: 7-8:30p

“Live Your Yoga”

75 Hour Yoga Lifestyle Training (for Yoga Enthusiasts) 

  • Weekend 1: January 5-7 - Foundations 1

  • Weekend 2: January 19-21 -Foundations 2

  • Weekend 3: Feb 23-25 - Ayurveda

  • Zoom Calls between weekends: Wednesday evenings 7-8:30p MT

    • January 17 - Foundations 1 follow up

    • February 7 - Foundations 2 follow up

    • March 6 - Ayurveda follow up


200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The full 200 hour training consists of the 75 hour “Live Your Yoga” Lifestyle Training in addition to the following weekends, which are focused more around teaching, which is a great option for those wanting a 200hour certificate and are interested in teaching yoga. 


Weekends: Friday-Sunday

  • Weekend 4: March 15-17 - Physical & Energetic Anatomy 

  • Weekend 5: April 5-7 - Yin Yoga & Yoga Nidra

  • Weekend 6: April 26-28 - Bhakti: Yoga of the Heart, Mythology, and Mantra 

  • Weekend 7: May 10-12- Teacher Methods 1

  • Weekend 8: May 31-June 2 - Teacher Methods 2

  • Weekend 9: June 7-9 - Graduation Weekend

  • Zoom Calls between weekends: Wednesday evenings 7-8:30p MT

    • March 27 - Anatomy follow up

    • April 17 - Yin follow up

    • May 8 - Bhakti follow up

    • May 22 - Teacher Methods 1 follow up

    • June 5 - Teacher Methods 2 follow up



Our teaching team offers the best of the best: highly-skilled educators dedicated to living their yoga and generously sharing their knowledge and expertise. Each instructor brings with them thousands of hours of training and teaching. You will be guided through the program with clarity, confidence and ease.



E-RYT 500

Master of Education

I’m honored to have the privilege and position of co-leading another Yoga Teacher Training at LOVE. I’ve been practicing for almost twenty years, and teaching for about ten. Along this journey, yoga has become my life; I see yoga and think about yoga everywhere! In yoga becoming my life practice, I strive to continually defer to the teachings in order to live a genuine, authentic, spiritual, connected, and healthy life.


Partaking in Yoga Teacher Training at any level is really like taking a giant step into the capital J Journey of yoga. While I began yoga at the physical level (as many of us do), over time and after taking many trainings, I found myself drawn more to the philosophical and spiritual roots of yoga. I’ve spent most of my upper level training in the Bhakti tradition, which is the yoga of devotion, or yoga of the heart. In this tradition, we use mantra, music, and mythology to elevate consciousness and expand into joy, presence, and wellbeing. I’ve learned from some really incredible Bhakti teachers, and I aspire to honor them and the traditions of yoga in all of my teachings.


I aim to share my gifts and the many gifts of yoga with my students during our upcoming teacher training. Trainings are a powerful container to unlock and open into a radically new way of being, or to simply improve our relationship with ourselves and others. Either way, trainings are a catalyst for transformation. I greatly look forward to sharing in the transformation with you. <3




RN, E-RYT 500, YAECP, Reiki I & II

Yoga holds a special place in my heart, a cherished gift I've received over 15 years. It's always been a calling to share this gift with others. My intention for this training is to impart what I've learned during my 15-year yoga journey and share my experience, knowledge, and love of the practice with you! For me, yoga serves as a solid foundation that I can always rely on, regardless of what's happening in my life. The practices of yoga are there to support and ground me, and I wish that for everyone. I'm dedicated to offering a rich and holistic introduction to yoga, hoping to shed a more expansive light on the entirety of yoga so that people walk away with a broader understanding of what yoga truly is. I’ll be sharing my love of the practices of Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, Hands-on Assisting, Teaching Techniques and much more.


My deepest aspiration is that participants leave with a profound and expanded understanding of themselves and yoga's true nature and wisdom.


I look forward to embarking on this yoga journey with you…so buckle up buttercup we are in for a journey of a lifetime!







Forever a student, it is such a privilege to participate in the upcoming teacher training at Love Yoga. Consider this your opportunity to initiate great change in your life and in the lives of those around you. If you’ve been to my class, you know Ayurveda is a guiding light in my life! A beacon, really. This ancient system of medicine seeks to prevent dis-ease (disease) in the body. Historically, Ayurveda was introduced before yoga or simultaneously with the yoga practice. I look forward to sharing Ayurveda (and assisting in other modules!) with you. My intention is to provide students with information and explorative options that allow them to cultivate peace in their own bodies, minds, and hearts, and to prevent dis-ease. May we live harmoniously and find svastha (health). Om!

- Anna 


E-RYT 500

Yoga teacher training is so rich and deep, I encourage anyone seeking a greater understanding of yoga to make time to train (even if teaching yoga classes isn’t the end goal.) I’ve been on the yoga path for over twenty years - I’ve made lots of mistakes and learned A LOT along the way. In the time we spend together I hope to share with you sparks of my passion and understanding of yoga to ignite the teacher within each participant. I create a playful and engaging space for teachers-in-training to learn and explore the “why” behind the posture-work we do on the mat, where we marry the movement of the body with the intention of the mind and learn to make medicine.

- Chrissy

investment and ways to participate 


We've got exciting news! We've structured our yoga lifestyle and teacher training programs a little differently this year, to allow for many more opportunities for folks to come and take part in any number of the modules we're offering. Check out all the ways you can practice with us below... 

Yoga Lifestyle Training (75 Hour Option)

For yoga enthusiast wanting to really deepen their knowledge and experience of yoga and to cultivate a home practice and yoga lifestyle. 

Regular Price   $1,200

Early Bird         $1,100

(Early Bird Rate means PAID IN FULL before November 17)


200HR Yoga Teacher Training

For those wanting to take a deep dive into Yoga as a way of life, to deepen your practice, and to have the opportunity teach yoga in the future. 

Regular Price   $3,200

Early Bird         $3,000

(Early Bird Rate means PAID IN FULL before November 17)


not ready for the 75 or 200hr?

more ways to participate... 


We're proud of the model we've created for this upcoming training program, because there are so many ways to participate and enrich your knowledge and practice of yoga. For folks who would like to ala carte their training, we've got the following options for 25 hour modules below, all of which are offered as CEUs through Yoga Alliance. 


(Registration coming soon for 25 hour ala carte modules)

Ayurevda and Yoga: Learn to live an Ayurvedic Lifestyle to amplify the benefits of your yoga practice

Dates: February 23-25 and Zoom Call on March 6

Investment: $450

Teacher: Anna Bohacs


Functional Anatomy of Yoga for the Physical and Subtle Body

Dates: March 15-17 and Zoom Call on March 27 

Investment: $450

Teacher: Chrissy Harts

Yin Yoga 1 and 2 and Yoga Nidra

Dates:February 23-25 and Zoom Call on April 17

Yoga Nidra is from 5-8 on Friday, February 23

Investment: $50

Yin I is on Saturday, February 24

Investment: $150

Yin II is on Sunday, February 25

Investment: $250

Teacher: Suzy Aragon 

Bhakti: Yoga of the Heart, Mantra, and Mythology 

Dates: April 26-28 and Zoom Call on May 8

Investment: $450

Teacher: Holly Purdy 

Included in the 75hr and 200HR Yoga Alliance certified training:

  • 50% off Unlimited Membership throughout the duration of your training 

  • Slack community for the duration of training

  • Opportunity to teach community classes

  • Opportunity for mentorship 

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