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What do you teach and what to expect?

I teach a heart and hip opening flow. Focused on noticing each shape and finding intimacy in the posture. Remembering it is the personal journey that matters and never what it looks like, only how it feels.

How did you end up in the Flathead Valley?

In May of 2023 I decided to change my life drastically and move from Tucson Arizona where I have lived most of my life. I bought a truck and a trailer and decided to move around the country practicing dental hygiene. I wanted to start with Montana to avoid the winter and got a job with a dental office in Kalispell. I had been to glacier once before and wanted to visit the beauty again.

Almost immediately I fell in love with it here… from my job, to the town, Love yoga (the studio I found to practice in) and especially the fact that I was living in nature here! The horses and deer, the lakes and mountains. It has been a dream come true. After speaking with all of my coworkers and dental hygiene clients, I began to think I could maybe try to exist here in winter lol and maybe even enjoy it and the winter sports. I was blown away with how pretty winter is… I’m so in love. 

Where would we see you outside of LOVE?

You’ll find me outdoors. Walking, hiking, paddleboarding, snowshoeing, anything outdoors and almost always with my little dog Buster Brown.

Surprising fun fact about you?

I’ve had up to 4 dogs at a time, always rescues of course!

6 word bio - that's right 6 words to describe yourself?

Yoga is my passion and love. 

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