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July Newsletter

Hello LOVE Community!

Summer season is here and it feels oh so good. Another change of seasons and another reminder that nothing is permanent. There will always be a change of seasons, both in the outer world and in our inner worlds too. There will be seasons we love and welcome in and never want to let go. And there will be inevitable seasons of change where we feel anxious or depressed, stuck in bad habits, where our sense of self doesn’t feel quite right (or completely lost), where our past attachments keep us from the joy of this moment in this day.

Isn’t this true of life? There will always be changes, distractions, obstacles, and moments of discontent and discomfort. But these moments offer us powerful opportunities to come back to our practice. To release out attachments and expectations. To be present with our body and mind. To access a new perspective that allows us to take what life gives us and continually reframe it into an opportunity for growth and light.

Santosha, one of the niyamas or ethical practices of yoga, asks us to find contentment (seeing the glass half full) in our lives despite and through all the seasons and changes that life brings. (((Not in a spiritual by-passing kind of way.))) Real contentment, I believe, takes WORK. It takes consistency of showing up to our practice. Polishing our lens. Fueling our bodies and minds with healthy nourishing thoughts, food, media, experiences, etc. I don’t believe contentment, or santosha, is just a quick mind shift available to us all at all times. I believe that it is found in our daily choices to show up in our practice- yoga, movement, meditation, community, healthy relationships, breathwork, music, being in nature, anything that fuels us in a life-giving and healthy way. True contentment is an inside job, which leans on our shared yogic practices that cultivate inner peace.

You’re always welcome to join us here at LOVE in the creation of contentment and positive inner growth, no matter what you might have going on in your body, mind, spirit, personal life, etc. You may be brand new to the practice of yoga! Welcome to your mat, welcome to our shared space, and keep coming back, as the juice is in the consistency. You get what you give. These practices are ALWAYS here for you. I hope that might come as a relief, that if life feels heavy and you’re in a season of life that feels painful, know that you have the power to take action, to show up, and to start putting one foot in front of the other toward a more content, calm, cool, collected and JOYFUL way of being.

In love and peace,


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