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June Newsletter

Updated: Jun 30, 2023

Greetings Love Community,

Can you believe it’s June? Do I say that every month, haha!

But, really, it’s here: our magical Montana summer. This rare gem that we dream about all year. We fellow Montanans put up with some harsh conditions for most of the year, while holding longingly onto the promise of summer sweetness.

As I think about June and where I am personally, I’m gravitating toward one word: RECALIBRATION. In January, many of us set resolutions. We see it as this one little window in the year where we can and should make a change to better ourselves. We put off making changes at other times of the year. But it shouldn’t be that way. And so, I am giving you a big ol’ permission slip to see June as a time to recalibrate and remember what you want for yourself over the coming months.

As humans, we are automatically born into forgetfulness of what is true. Especially in today’s age of technology, we get pushed and pulled here, there, and everywhere constantly. How can we tease out what we want, who we are, what is good for us…and also discern what is keeping us asleep in our continual loops of suffering?

We need daily wisdom reminders to pull us back toward our path of intentional living. We can do that through yoga scripture, meditation, asana, mindful movement, breathwork, etc. It’s too easy to get caught in illusion and suffering when we are surrounded with a cultural narrative that tells us that we lack value, that we need to consume this or that in order to feel good, that we need this number of likes or degrees or money or followers, etc. to be of worth.

We also need the support of others! We can't do life alone. Luckily, we have that in our support community, our sangha. The picture above shows our incredible group of teachers who are here to give you that daily reminder/recalibration you need to keep remembering your goodness and wholeness and to motivate you to keep showing up to your mat- to that little rectangle that allows you to be ALL of who you are. (Photo taken by the incredible Drew Silvers)

My recalibrated frequency for summer is to keep a peaceful and easeful state of mind. You can look for themes of inner peace and inward reflection in my classes throughout summer. And I know that all the beautiful souls in the above picture have similar wisdom reminders to offer you all summer long to keep you anchored into your chosen way of being. We got you! We’re here for you. Your sangha, your community.

Lastly, I want to give a HUGE THANK YOU to our monthly unlimited and annual members as well as our regular class pack holders for upholding this community of people. You keep our doors open and thriving, so seriously, thank you.

In other exciting news, Suzy and I are officially inviting you to sign up for our yoga retreat in Costa Rica! Website is live and signups are open! We only have space for 19 people, so sign up soon! See below for all the details. Lastly, your generous donations for the Kasavana family totaled up to $1,753.92! This is Yoga: loving acts of service for those in need. I'm proud of this community's heart and support for Brad, Kasey, and their boys.



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