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What do you teach and what to expect?

My greatest joy is sharing my love of yoga through teaching Vinyasa, Yin yoga, and Vin Yin classes. Expect a deliberate, slower pace in my classes, focusing on breath and functional movement, prioritizing how postures "feel" over how they "look." I aim to emphasize and integrate the essence of yoga's original teachings into each session—such as simple chanting, breath work (pranayama), concentration practices, movement (asana), and ethical guidance. I believe in making yoga relatable, accessible, practical, fun and applicable to daily life, emphasizing that true mastery lies in how we apply it beyond the mat!

How did you end up in the Flathead Valley?

I moved to the Flathead valley in 2018 with my family for a job opportunity and a new, slower pace of life. It was both exciting and terrifying moving away from my home of 17 years in Bend, Oregon. We have found a lovely home to call our own and a small community of loving humans to share our life with. I feel like summer in the Flathead is one of the most beautiful places on earth!

Where would we see you outside of LOVE?

One of my greatest loves is the sun! Whenever possible, I soak up its rays outdoors—whether hiking, walking, gardening, playing with my daughter, camping, or paddling.

Surprising fun fact about you?

I am a hippy at heart- used to live on a commune- and a tree hugger, dirt road driving, reggae bumping NorCal girl at the core.

6 word bio - that's right 6 words to describe yourself?

Human helper here to make a difference!

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