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What do you teach and what to expect?

Vinyasa Flow - Expect a challenging class with a vibing playlist. I like to get really creative, so you won't experience two of the same classes. To me, Yoga is meditation in motion, with the emphasis on movement - flowing, building heat, challenging oneself, regardless of where you are in your yoga journey.


Sculpt - Expect a powerful class with loud, pumping music that focuses on strength, cardio-bursts, and balance.

How did you end up in the Flathead Valley?

My sister has lived in Whitefish for 25 years, so we have visited a lot from Ohio...both in winter and summer. I fell in love with Montana immediately and have known for a long time that the Flathead Valley would be my end-game.

Where would we see you outside of LOVE?

Where would you see me in my free time? Outside mostly :). I love to open water swim, bike, run, hike, nordic and alpine ski, hang out with my German Shorthair Pointer, Remi and volunteer for DREAM Adaptive.

Surprising fun fact about you?

I am from a family of 9.

6 word bio - that's right 6 words to describe yourself?

Energetic, creative, connection, community, FUN!

Anne Instructor at Love Yoga in Whitefish and Kalispell, MT
Anne Instructor at Love Yoga in Whitefish and Kalispell, MT
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