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LOVE is for those who are passionate about tending to their physical wellbeing, just as much as their emotional and spiritual wellness. It’s a place created so that we can come together and flow, sweat it out, connect, chant, meditate, give hugs and high fives, and have a darn good time! I’m proud that it has evolved into a place for learning, for wellness events and teacher trainings of all kinds, specifically yoga and barre. I’ve learned through the process of business ownership that growing roots and deepening connection through these trainings is a magical and unique studio experience.

It’s here that we’re reminded to fall in love with all parts of ourselves: our strengths, our limitations, our past, and our potential -- breath by breath, one practice at a time.


Get Strong at Love Yoga in Whitefish and Kalispell, MT

Sometimes you just need to sweat it out to the perfect playlist. Move the body. Breathe a deep sigh. Get your heart pounding. Let it all go.

Sometimes you need to get still, watch the breath, and self reflect. Strength is found in both dynamic movement and in the courage of stillness. We’re here for it all.


We go through a lot of s*** on the mat. Whatever you’re in it for, we’re in it together. Flow, sweat, strengthen and just BE…together.


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