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Love Yoga Teachers


Holly Purdy 

Founder / Owner / Yoga and Barre Teacher
E-RYT 500
Master of Education
Certified Booty Barre Instructor

I am humbled and honored to be a teacher and student on the path of yoga, connection, devotion, love, and self-transformation. I am a mother of two daughters, yoga studio owner, friend, and human devoted to living and sharing the healing practices of yoga to make the world a safer, healthier, more connected and loving place now and for generations to come. With deep reverence, I am on the path of Bhakti yoga, a world of chanting, mantra, and spiritually devoted yoga. These elements of yoga have moved to the forefront of my practice and teachings, merging with my great love for movement. Thus, my classes tend to be a mixture of chanting,  spirituality, and intentional, vigorous movement. 


Suzy Aragon

Co-founder / Teacher/ RN
E-RYT 500
Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher
Reiki 1 and 2 Practitioner

Suzy Aragon otherwise known as Tiny Dynamite is a petite powerhouse packed with spunk, sass and sometimes a bad mouth.  She challenges the status quo, typically takes the path less traveled and is a rebel at heart. Suzy is a mama, yogi, nurse, healer, teacher and leader. She is wickedly passionate about serving others and fiercely leads people to explore and discover their true purpose and path in life.

Suzy is a Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher, E-RYT 500, RN, and Reiki 1 and 2 practitioner. Her yoga journey began in 2007 while attending nursing school and going through a difficult divorce. Getting on her mat did something to her body and mind that she did not understand at the time nor could she explain to anybody else. When she discovered Baptiste Yoga in 2011 it spoke even louder to her and she knew she had found something everlasting. Shortly after being introduced to the Baptiste Methodology she attended Yoga Teacher Training at Namaspa Yoga School. Her love and passion for this practice only grew and in 2013 she attended her first Baptiste Yoga training and it literally rocked her world and everything she had known up to that point. She has continued her yoga journey over the years by attending many trainings with the Baptiste institute and is a graduate of the Baptiste FIT to lead program.

Suzy is also the co-founder of Evoke Energy Yoga which offers programs and trainings in Yin Yoga, Yoga Nidra, and other types of healing modalities delivered through the Baptiste Methodology. The intention of this offering is to invite others to reclaim their power and to realize and remember their innate ability to heal themselves.


In addition she is a practicing nurse and a Nurse Coach "a nurse for the nurses" where she is diligently working towards creating a new paradigm in the way we approach health, healing and challenging the current healthcare model.


Suzy currently lives in NW Montana with her baby girl Neve and ski bum partner Jeff. Suzy is a lover of the sun and does her best work on her Yoga mat and paddle board- which is really just a mat on water. Board meeting anyone...?


Anna Bohacs

E-RYT 500 Yoga Teacher
Ayurvedic Health Counselor

Through intuitive movement and mindfulness, Anna is in practice both on and off the mat. Drawn to the practice for the guaranteed work out, she stayed because of the palpable shift she experienced in body and mind. There is so much to learn from our internal and external environments when we give ourselves the space to experience and the quiet to listen! 


Due to the transient nature of her partner's job, she has been gifted her the opportunity to teach and practice all over the country, and to learn little nuggets from inspiring teachers along the way. 


Yoga and Ayurveda influence the lens through which she sees the world, and the foundation upon which she teaches. Her intention is to provide students with explorative options that allow them to cultivate peace (+ fun and heat, y’all!) in their own bodies, minds, and hearts.


Kristin Levengood

Barre Teacher

Kristin has a unique way of making everybody feel welcome in her class and leaves you feeling empowered and accomplished! She can't wait to share her joy and enthusiasm to help people find their best and strongest selves on the mat.

Kristin graduated from Montana State University in 2015 with a B.S. in Kinesiology. She has a background in dance and cheerleading; and participated on the coed spirit squad during her time at Montana State. Kristin started her barre journey in Bozeman as a client in college. She continued her love for barre by becoming a teacher while living in Georgia. Since moving home to the beautiful northwest, Kristin has been teaching barre around the valley for the last 3 years. She is also a certified Holistic Nutrition Health Coach.

Kristin is a dog mom to two Mini Australian Shepherds (Peaches + Poncho) and loves doing all the outdoor activities with her dogs and partner Zane.

Anne Minnick

Yoga and Sculpt Teacher
Studio Business Manager

While prepping for an Ironman, a friend recommended trying hot yoga to work on flexibility, balance and strength to augment my training. Once I stepped in the yoga studio, I never looked back. I have never experienced a physical activity that was more challenging, pushed me to my outer limits and left me feeling more fulfilled and accomplished. My sincere hope is to have everyone who walks into Love Yoga have a similar experience as practicing yoga can be truly life-changing.

I received my Yoga Teacher Training from Amazing Yoga in Pittsburgh, PA and have been practicing and volunteer-teaching for eight years. In addition to running, open water swimming, cycling, hiking, skiing (and just about any other outdoor activity), I love to read, sew, cheer Ohio State football (go Buckeyes!) and spend time with my German Shorthair Pointers, Zeke and Remington. I am also the Business Manager for Love Yoga, and have been overjoyed with the open-arms, welcoming culture I have experienced in northwest Montana.

In 2019, my husband and I fulfilled our dream of relocating to beautiful Whitefish from the flatland of Columbus, Ohio. Prior to moving to Whitefish, we lived in a variety of midwest states for almost 30 years and raised two daughters that we are so proud of.


Jackie Culver

Yoga Teacher

“Have fun, be yourself, and enjoy life.” 


Jackie’s classes are upbeat, lively and always encouraging.


From California to Montana (and everywhere in between), Jackie’s passion for yoga has grown with her every step of the way. Initially drawn to yoga for the physical workout, she values the healing aspects of her practice as well. 


Jackie completed her 200 hr YTT here at Love Yoga Whitefish though the TRUE U Namaspa Yoga School. She teaches a powerful vinyasa flow based off traditional Baptiste yoga methodology.


Jackie is a firm believer that yoga is for everybody!


Madeline Axtell

Yoga Teacher

"Between our heads and our toes, there are a million miles of unexplored wilderness."


Madeline practices yoga as a journey towards embodiment, a coming home to ourselves. She invites students into awareness of their physical body - through movement and wonder. Her degree from Penn State in Kinesiology and immersion in rhythm as a life long tap dancer, provide a strong foundation for her teaching. Madeline graduated from the Love Yoga 200 hour teacher training in 2022.


In her classes you can expect a welcoming of every body, a purposeful playlist, and intentional, creative movement. She loves teaching in the early mornings and will greet you with an energetic smile no matter if the sun is up yet or not.


When Madeline is not teaching yoga, she is likely at Spotted Bear Spirits [just a few blocks from Love!] where she works as the Tasting Room manager and Creative Director. Madeline is married to her best friend Keegan and has two mystical and delightful black cats.


Amanda Tsitsis

Yoga Teacher

Meet Amanda Tsitsis from Sammamish, WA. She is a Registered Nurse. She received her RN, BSN degree at Washington State University and Northwest University. She recently moved from Spokane, WA to be a travel nurse. She has been a soccer and lacrosse player her whole life, even played some college lacrosse while at WSU. Her family and friends are her world! In her free time she enjoys being outdoors, running, hiking, camping, traveling, and hanging with friends.

In 2017, she took a spontaneous teacher training trip to Thailand where she received the best gift of all time, her yoga instructor certification. Since she became an instructor, she has been able to incorporate her learnings into her life on and off the mat. Her practice has helped anchor through the waves of life. The connections that yoga permits between mind, body, spirit, and community brings me happiness and inspires her as teacher.

As an instructor, she aims to give you a safe space to practice, challenge yourself, and explore your body and mind all while getting STRONGER. In her class you can expect a fun and firey flow. Come share your energy, time, and practice for a full body workout. Yoga fills her cup. Come flow with me and she’ll fill your cup with empowerment, sweat, and LOVE.

Fun facts:

Purple is her favorite color
She loves to ski
Tacos and spicy margaritas are her favorite


Brianna Barraza

Yoga Teacher

When I was a little girl my father had a yoga studio in Marina Del Rey, California. You'd think it was in the blood, but truthfully the yoga bug didn't take on right away. I think I giggled throughout my first class, and maybe even my second and third. Fortunately by my fourth yoga class I started to have clarity that I had never experienced before. It wasn't too long before my love for yoga finally, beautifully, consumed my body and my soul. My eyes began to widen. I wanted to learn everything about it. When I decided to get my certification, my baby brother suggested that if I wanted to take it seriously I should learn where it all started. So off to India I went.

Naive, excited and not knowing what to expect for the first time, I was completely out of my comfort zone. Getting on the plane I felt myself having a mini panic attack. The anticipation of following my dreams was frightening and exhilarating all at once. I imagine the experience was not unlike a sheltered child going away to summer camp for the first time. 

I flew down to Goa, where I did my first 200 hour teacher training with Tarun Agrawal, owner of Kranti Yoga. I believed I learned more about life in that one month in India than I did in 12 years of grammar school.

Over the years I've studied with a variety of teachers including Natale Ferreira, Morgan Lee, and Mark Robberds. Not long after that I completed the Yogaworks Bridge Program with Malachi Greves, and full 500 hour program with mentor Calvin Corzine. 

As a student, I enjoy practicing many different styles of yoga. My classes are a blend of what I practice (Ashtanga, and Vinyasa Flow). I teach to share the many benefits of yoga so that students feel empowered and connected. 


Jaclyn Thompson

Sculpt and Yoga Teacher

For me, practice fosters peace, strength, and stability, and it is a great privilege to guide others in fostering the same within themselves. Since attending my first Power Yoga class in 2012, Yoga has ebbed and flowed in my life like a tide. Through times of bliss and sorrow, transition and comfort, my practice returns to me time and time again, plugging me into my purpose. 


My little family of three located to Whitefish to be close to our family last summer. Practicing and growing at LoveYoga has been a life-giving source of connection and community. This sense of community is something I hope to bring to every class I attend and teach. In my classes, we will grow in our community in the same way we grow our practice, with strength, acceptance, dedication, and as always, a kick-ass good time.


Stephanie Stabenow

Barre Teacher

Within 5 minutes of meeting me, it’s pretty much guaranteed you’ll know my two passions in life: barre and dogs! I took my first barre class almost 5 years ago and it ignited something within me. I was hooked before the class ended and couldn’t wait for the next one. Barre has brought out a sense of confidence, strength and peace I didn’t know I was capable of and it consistently helps me be the best version of myself. Barre allows me to challenge myself and I’m so excited and grateful to be able to share my passion for barre with the Love Yoga community and help you find your inner strength. 


When I’m not practicing barre (or any of the other classes at Love Yoga) you can find me adventuring and exploring with my boyfriend and our 3 dogs.


Bethanie Funderburk

Sculpt and Yoga Teacher

Yoga has been a huge part of my life since I started practicing in 2013. Once I graduated and no longer played college basketball, yoga filled the void of missing basketball and became one of my biggest passions.


Outside of yoga, I enjoy running, hiking, reading, biking, the outdoors, and being with family and friends. I have a crazy dog named Fria who is my running buddy, and a wonderful husband named Brad who hates running, but is my sidekick in everything else. We met in PT school and are both physical therapists here in the valley. I’m originally from Missouri and moved to Montana in 2017 to enjoy the beauty and outdoors the state provides.


I am so grateful for the community and love that this studio provides. I love to lead a sweaty, challenging, and upbeat class. Hope to see you all on your mats!


Amanda Person

Sculpt and Barre Teacher

After having 2 littles, Mand was searching for a safe, energetic, and inspiring space to step back into movement. She finally found a place she LOVEs ;-)! 


Amanda (Mand) has a Pilates background, but was looking to teach something slightly different, with sprinkles of Pilates movement. She quickly jumped into the Warrior Sculpt training to challenge myself and my body - it was more than she ever expected. She left feeling inspired and the need to spread that inspiration to others.


She hopes to share her love of movement through fun music, laughter, and the occasional dance party! Can’t wait to see you! 

Maureen (Mo/ Momo) Cleary

Yoga Teacher

Mo believes yoga has within its many expressions the power to heal us. After almost forty years as a critical care nurse she made the decision to deepen her yoga practice. 

Her practices in yoga began in the 1960's with B.K.S. Iyengar approach - and evolved into and out-of a regular practice over the course of her life. She fell into the many distractions of work, family, self - leaving her practice behind several times, but always coming back to those habits she instinctually knew served her best. And yoga, as a living embodiment of true health, became what saved her from a life of chronic pain.

It was her decision to 'dedicate herself to a full year of regular and vigorous practice' that literally changed her life into one of a liberating and joyful experience.

She believes yoga can be accessible to everyone - with right approaches anyone can enjoy the benefits of yoga, become stronger and enjoy the benefits - physically, psychologically and beyond. 

What we learn 'on the mat' when we have courage and stamina - will teach you if you let it. 


Sarah Downen

Yoga Teacher

Born and raised in Montana, I was first introduced to yoga while attending college in Bozeman. After my first class I knew I had found something special. Yoga was a way for me to strengthen my body but also quiet my mind. Wanting to deepen my practice I took Love Yoga's first 200hr teacher training! It was there that I found my sweet spot for Yin Yoga. I am genuinely honored to teach this practice to my community as a means to help others cultivate a connection with their mind, body, and spirit! Expect my classes to be warm, welcoming and very grounding. I incorporate aromatherapy and reiki in my classes for a little extra love!

Outside of the studio I love to be in nature, adventuring with my doggo Clancy, or reading a good book.

Jill Glacier Aug 2022.jpg

Jill Colleen

Yoga Teacher

Jill was first introduced to yoga as a Peace Corps volunteer in Senegal, West Africa. A fellow volunteer taught her a series of asanas that she memorized and did nearly every day for two years. It wasn’t until a friend visited from the States who had also discovered yoga that Jill learned there are so many more poses, techniques, and disciplines of yoga to study and learn from (key is finding those that resonate
most with you). In the years that followed, Jill lived and traveled abroad through Europe, Asia, Africa, Central and South America with her traveling yoga mat and foam roller in tow.


Having practiced yoga for more than twenty years and a new flexible work-life balance back home in Montana, Jill completed her yoga teaching certification in 2019 (RYT200) at the Garden of One Thousand Buddhas. Jill teaches a Hatha vinyasa style flow with the integration of Anusara-inspired alignment, mindfulness, breathwork, yoga philosophies, and critical food for thought. Whether a beginner or
advanced yoga practitioner, Jill carefully and intentionally designs classes to best serve you and your bodies. As a certified Restorative Yoga teacher, Jill also enjoys finishing classes with a restorative pose and periodically leads restorative special classes to watch for on the schedule.


Jill is also passionate about teaching yoga to youth and has received multiple continuing education credits and certifications in
teaching children’s yoga. Jill has a knack for relating to youth and a passion for creating innovative programs to guide kids to establish healthy habits from a young age. For all ages, Jill believes yoga offers tremendous tools for self-care, reflection, peace, and happiness. Jill is passionate about helping yoga students to improve their balance, strength, and mobility through creative movement and mindful stillness.
When Jill is not on her mat or taking more yoga trainings, she loves traveling the world, getting out in nature, and getting off the beaten path.


Shaun Naughton

Yoga Teacher

Shaun has been a teacher and trainer for over 20 years. He is multi certified in athletics, yoga, nutrition body work and wellness. Shaun grew up in Santa Fe New Mexico and spent 10 years in LA and another 25 in Mill Valley California. Shaun is an ex-triathlete, ultra-runner and professional coach and trainer. No longer taking clients, Shaun's classes will give you access to all those years of experience, in 75 minutes…bring water and an extra towel. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 4.57.37 PM.png

Tiffany Nitschke

Yoga Teacher

Tiffany is a Montana-native, lover of nature and connection to the land, and wide open spaces. She’s passionate about self-care through means of nutrition, movement, importance of internal dialog, and sustainability to Mother Earth. An adventurer through many modes, primarily cycling, and now YOGA as a means to build endurance, get strong, go further, arise to difficult mental challenges, and have a deep connection with friends and the community. She loves to travel and explore all this amazing world has to offer. She loves the mental and physical challenges that arise when pushing limits on and off the mat. Even more important, yoga is a practice to create stillness in the mind, to reduce anxiety, and to practice finding clarity.


Tiffany has been practicing yoga off and on for the last several years, but once she started going to hot yoga at Love Yoga, her practice became consistent. The heat accompanied with mindful movement and self inquiry had her hooked. Her practice quickly became a staple in her life. As she works through her own health journey, yoga has been a saving grace, aiding in healing. Tiffany completed her 200-Hour YTT at Love Yoga in 2022.


In her classes you can often expect to be physically challenged in yoga poses with intentional, powerful music to keep you flowing. In the sedentary, technology-driven society we live in, you can expect counter balancing self-care centered around chest & shoulders openers, along with hip mobility. She believes in the importance of human touch. When attending her classes, she will likely gift you with her healing energy through the power of gentle assists. She strives to bring a space for healing, deep connection, and space.


Amanda Jenkins

Primal Flow & Buti® Yoga Teacher
RYT 500 Yoga Teacher

There is nothing like that feeling of leaving a great yoga class, but Amanda believes YOU have the power to create that natural high, at will.  Do something just for the sake of doing it, with no expectations.  Ditch the routine.  Suspend all self-judgement.  Take a new class, discover a new format, a new teacher - at Love Yoga, you can't go wrong!  Trust & choose yourself, let go of outcomes & attachments, get weird, be fully with what is.  YOU are the magic.  Class is just a reminder.

Discovering Buti Yoga was the spark that ignited Amanda's passion to share yoga with others.  She attended her first class with a friend because it was billed as a "yoga rave," involved music (hip-hop & EDM in a yoga class?!?) & dance.  It didn't take itself too seriously, was legitimately FUN & created a profound sense of community.  Teaching it was a way to tap out of the grind & tap back into creativity.

Since completing her initial Vinyasa 200 hour, she has been certified in Buti Yoga, Primal Flow, DEEP by Buti, and Yoga Medicine's "Yoga for Athletes," completing training with and being mentored by well-known instructors from around the country.  In 2021, she published the book "Go From Hustle to Flow: Yoga + Mindset Practice to Release Overwhelm, Cultivate Peace, and Redefine Success."  She completed her 300 hour with Michelle Young's MVP program in 2022, with a focus on energy-balancing through Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra & Adaptive Yoga.

Amanda has found balance in her life by alchemizing her love of the outdoors, music & dance with her love of yoga.  A former workaholic who bootstrapped 3 companies with her husband, Amanda has worked from home since 2009.  Originally from the East Coast, Amanda has taught yoga around the Flathead since 2018.  She lives in Whitefish with her husband and two kids.


Lacey Walsh

Yoga Teacher

After having her second child, Lacey fell in love with fitness via barre. Her interest in fitness expanded to SoulCycle and circuit training. On intermittent trips to Montana, she found Love and specifically yin yoga, which changed her life. At Love, her wellness focus shifted from body-improvement to energy-balancing, mind-wellness and slowing down to sit in the moment. Her deep appreciation of the Love community and offerings led her to complete Love’s YTT’s 200-hour training in 2022.


Lacey’s love of the arts, nature and meditation fuels her classes with bits of breathwork and poetry commonly found throughout. Her next step is reiki – in which she will be certified in October.


When Lacey is not in the studio, she can be found hiking, on the water, or with her family (musical-theater daughter, engineering-minded son, and three life-filling doggos – all of whom she is eternally grateful for).

Carly Westensee

Barre Teacher

Carly Westensee has always loved acrobatic activities! Growing up, she was a gymnast and then a competitive cheerleader in Louisville, KY. In college, Carly transitioned to an artist's lifestyle, getting her undergraduate degree from the University of Kentucky in Fine Arts with a focus in ceramics, sculpture and art history. Out of college Carly realized she was missing the connection with moving her body and she tried barre classes! It wasn't long before she was asked to teach. Carly first certified in barre amped method in Franklin TN in 2011, and then moved around the country certifying in several different barre techniques, aerial fitness, TRX, board yoga, power sculpt and was a personal trainer for 5 years.


Recently, Carly graduated with her doctorate in occupational therapy from Rocky Mountain College in Billings. She has been happily back at home with her husband, dog and baby ever since spring of 2020 when everything went virtual. Carly is back teaching at LOVE because she enjoys helping people connect their bodies to their minds, escaping daily stressors to get strong and release endorphins! All levels can participate as she is excellent with describing body positions and verbally cueing corrections. Carly enjoys skiing, mountain biking, gardening and painting in her spare time. She loves helping people get strong and avoid injuries so they, too, can enjoy favored leisure time activities. 

Screen Shot 2022-06-14 at 5.02.42 PM.png

Dayna Diamond

Yoga and Barre Teacher

Dayna always has a smile on her face and is ready to share her energy with the world. You can usually find her playing snowboards with her friends, ripping around on her dirt bike with her man, or hanging with her doggie.

She started her yoga journey while going to college in Denver. While living in Kauai, it became consistent and started changing her life. The Goddess like classes on the beach and the community that came along with it inspired Dayna to want to continue to learn more!

After to moving to Whitefish, Dayna found Love Yoga and started trying new classes. After belting out her first Om and her first chant she was hooked. She completed Love Yoga’s 200hr teacher training and Warrior Sculpt training.

You can be yourself in her classes. She wants to share the power of being you through laughter or even mistakes. Her favorite way to start a class is with chanting!

Rita Bennett

Yoga Teacher

Rita intends to provide classes where students build both strength and increase flexibility in their bodies; find peace and clarity in their minds; rejuvenate their souls; and gain a sense of connection with the yoga community. In Rita’s classes, students can expect to sweat and move, stretch it all out in some longer held, juicy poses, and to honor yoga’s roots by working with breath and meditation, and learning about yoga philosophy and spirituality. Rita hopes students leave her classes feeling grounded, peaceful, and ready to spread more love and positivity in the world.

Rita has been practicing yoga asana for a little over 15 years, after the end of her ballet dancing days. For many years, yoga asana provided a balance to her physically demanding job working for the U.S. Forest Service. More recently, Rita has started to explore and grow her appreciation of the other limbs of yoga. After focusing on her own personal practice for so long, Rita felt called to dive into teaching and completed her 200 hour training with Love in March 2023. She is now working towards her 500 hour training with Eoin Finn’s Blissology yoga program. Rita loves spending time outside hiking/backpacking, trail running, hunting, paddle boarding, Nordic skiing, and gardening. Rita has a one year old cat that acts more like a dog and accompanies Rita on walks in the woods and mellow paddle board trips. Rita used to work as a wildland firefighter and is still involved in fire management. In the fire season she can get called out to assignments anywhere in the US and can be gone for two to three weeks at a time working 16 hour days!

Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 11.38.38 AM.png

Margaret Elliott

Yoga and Sculpt Teacher

Margaret is a 200-hour registered yoga teacher with 7 years of teaching under her belt! She completed her yoga teacher training in 2016 at a power vinyasa yoga studio when she was a full-time college student. Yoga was her outlet for stress relief at the time and gave her the confidence to be a leader in her communities. Margaret places an emphasis on breath work and a focus on correct body alignment in order to create a flow that will be physically challenging for students, yet spiritually connected enough to leave anyone feeling inspired and empowered. She believes that yoga goes beyond what other workouts can achieve because the focus on self-acceptance infuses your spirit with positive energy and the linking of breath allows you to truly be in the present moment. She enjoys learning and growing as a teacher and is excited to continue sharing yoga with others! When she is not in the studio, you can find her playing in the mountains with her dog, reading a good book, or studying to be a registered dietitian.


Maggie Graham

Yoga and Sculpt Teacher

Born and raised in Alaska, I learned not to take life too seriously and enjoy a playful blend of grace and grit. I live in Somers with my sweetie and my two kids who keep me busy driving so much I’ve entertained the idea of becoming a pro race car driver to spice things up. For now, I just keep practice riding my motorcycle on the side.


Besides being over forty and keeping my kids alive into their teen years, I’m also qualified with a bachelor’s in social work, a certification/license in massage and cupping, and teaching certifications in yoga and barre. I’ve enjoyed teaching all peeps from preschoolers, high school sports teams, firefighters to seniors. I love all things wellness related, naps, flowers, dance parties, books, getting outside and especially being near the water or on a boat.


Katie Halsted

Yoga Teacher

As a licensed clinical social worker, registered yoga teacher and someone who values authenticity, creativity, inner peace, compassion and fun, it is in the yoga room that all her passions and interests seem to collide. Katie is fascinated by the human condition and endlessly curious about how we transcend our challenging experiences and limiting stories to express ourselves fully. As a social worker and clinical therapist, she noticed that my clients benefitted from the breath, mindfulness and connection to body that yoga embraces. And as a yoga teacher, she has come to realize that physical movement is often the entry point for students’ personal healing journeys.


In her class you will find a space to explore your own experience and encouragement to meet challenge with authenticity. You can expect breath/meditation to drop into the practice combined with rigorous, flowing movement and a dose of great music to leave you feeling strong, grounded and uplifted in your body.


Addi Blalack

Yoga Teacher

I have always loved being active but my first yoga class in 2015 was unlike anything I’d experienced. I fell in love with the balance between finding gentleness or knowing when to push myself. I wanted to deepen my personal practice and also share it with those around me. So in 2018 I completed my 200 hour certificate.


Ever since my first class, yoga has become my favorite form of self care. I love the mind body spirit connection and the strong link between breath and movement. I believe our yoga mats are a sacred place to cultivate peace, healing, love, and strength within ourselves. This experience is something I hope to give to all who come to my classes. I love learning about all things yoga and I am excited and honored to share this practice. When I’m off my mat I enjoy painting, baking, skiing, and spending time with my friends and family. 

Brittany Carden

Barre Teacher

Movement is my ultimate joy in life and what I believe our greatest gift is as human beings. For the past 8 years, I’ve been lucky enough to be able to serve others through teaching many fitness modalities such as sculpt, yoga, barre, and HIIT. Nothing makes me feel more aligned than when I am on my mat, connecting, flowing, and breathing alongside others who are all in the same room for one common collective: to better themselves. Come to my classes and you will find an upbeat, energizing, challenging, and FUN way of moving your body. Music is the dictator of my classes —  I believe it is the most underrated form of motivation. We always move to a beat and get our groove on. Everything that we do on the mat can be translated to life off the mat, and that is the core lesson I aim to bring to my students. I want everyone who walks out of my class to feel better than when they entered. I’m a lover of all animals and I’m the happiest when I’m immersed in nature. Hiking, skiing, flowing, horseback riding, paddle boarding, walking, reading, and laughing are among my favorite things to do. If I could eat mozzarella sticks for every meal, I would. I am so excited to be a part of the Love Yoga team and can’t wait to see you in class!


Sharon O'Neill

Yoga and Sculpt Teacher

I have been teaching yoga since 2016 and find such a deep joy in watching the yoga community in my home town evolve, expand and blossom. 

My education is as a physical therapist assistant and my passion is in the interweaving of yoga and physical therapy. Functional strength is the foundation for my teaching in vinyasa, Warrior Sculpt, and therapeutic yoga. If we can start to look at the body as an observer and with curiosity rather that expectations and judgement, we can start to develop this deeper relationship with ourselves, and that is a beautiful thing.

In 2020 I received a certification in breath work facilitating and offer that workshop from time to time as well.

When I’m not in the studio I’m often out exploring, traveling, and searching for all the magic moments in life with my man-child husband. I look forward to seeing you on the mat! 

Keshia photo.jpeg

Keshia Jarosz

Yoga Teacher

I recently finished my 200 hour yoga teacher training at Love Yoga and I’ll begin teaching a Vinyasa Flow class in March! I’ve been practicing in a studio setting and at home since my mid-twenties. Yoga offers a special connection of my mind and body. Love Yoga has provided me space to grow in so many ways and seems to always be there when I need it most. One of my goals as a teacher is to hold space for others to be seen and to grow. Yoga always fills my cup in such a unique way and I’m so excited to begin my journey as a teacher.

Im originally from Nebraska and moved to the Flathead 6 years ago. My husband owns a custom knife business and we have two wonderful kids. I’ve recently become a full-time homemaker and I absolutely love it. My passions include reading, exercise, mental health, baking and hiking.

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