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What do you teach and what to expect?

I teach Vinyasa Flow. Prepare to be challenged, to sweat, and to push yourself to new heights in my classes. Through dynamic exercises, we'll open and strengthen your body, guiding you to a state of peace, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

How did you end up in the Flathead Valley?

Love led me to the valley, where I found my place to belong.

Where would we see you outside of LOVE?

Outside of teaching yoga, you'll often find me immersed in the practice, enjoying games of softball, paddle boarding along the river, exploring new destinations through travel, and simply relishing time spent with friends.

Surprising fun fact about you?

A delightful surprise about me is my passion for playing the piano.

6 word bio - that's right 6 words to describe yourself?

Adventurous, Outgoing, Free Spirit, Passionate, Patient and a Visionary

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