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At LOVE YOGA we have a selection of our own branded apparel for those wanting to sport something special to rep our Whitefish studio. We're also now selling Yoga Design Lab mats, Manduka Yogitoes mat towels, Glyder, and Alo wear. While we know you can practice Yoga anywhere and you do not need a certain brand name tank or dope designer leggings; when you have the right gear -as us outdoor enthusiasts know- it can make any activity more easeful and fun! When you don't have to worry about what you're wearing or slipping on your mat every down dog you take, you have the opportunity to focus more on your actual practice.  When you have the "right" gear you feel supported, confident and READY to practice.

Yoga Design Lab Mats

yoga desin lab pic.jpg

We couldn't be more excited about these mats! They are not only beautiful, but also built for hot yoga and eco-friendly. The Combo Mats are machine washable and have a built in towel. The Infinity Mats are built with extra cushion and stick so you'll never slide. Shop local and get yourself a mat that will turn heads and fully support your hot practice. 

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