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Be Love. So much love, that when others are with you, they are love too.

 - Ram Dass

At LOVE YOGA we come together to share in the practices of yoga and mindful movement. We share common values of connection, community, wellbeing, and making a positive difference. 

We invite you to bring all of you, just as you are. Your heart, mind, and body. Your past, present, and future. Your good moments as well as your bad. We are all human-ing together, so let's hold each other up, shall we? 

 Through our offerings we encourage a spirit of acceptance, love, and support for our selves and one another. Together we get strong, physically and mentally, so that we may live with purpose and enjoy the journey! It's our goal to practice on the mat so that we can take what we learn with us into our day-to-day lives.

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